Course Rules, Procedures and Great Expectations!

Mr. Vellardito's Course Schedule My complete schedule, Learning Center and other duties, is located on my office door, room 909.

Kickoff Letter - Getting Started

Syllabus Course Outline

Tips for Writing Free-response

Cornell Note Taking - just one of many methods that you may find useful

For Pre-laboratory Assignments:
  • 1. Complete the online versions of the laboratory and practice lab quizzes (online text resources and LabBench).
  • 2. Study the student and/or teacher section of the Laboratory Procedures and attempt to answer all of the questions in the manual that do not require data from the experiment.
  • 3. Answer the pre-lab questions for the main procedures of the lab and email to me.**
    • **To receive credit for your work, the subject must be in the following format:
    • Block_[your block number]_[Your Lastname]_[Proper Lab Name]
    • For example, Block_3_Smith_Animal Behavior
    • Remember to frequently backup your files while you work and save a copy of your final files in case of electronic failure.

Unit Study Guides