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Calculations Review Answers Equations & Formulas Sheet

SUMMER ASSIGNMENT: Biological Interactions: An Ecological Context Textbook references refer to the 9th Edition you will receive in the Fall.

The Chemistry of Life

Energy and Enzymes

Cells and Membranes

Cell Communication

Cellular Energetics: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

The Cell Cycle, DNA, and DNA Replication
Cell Communication Cel Cycle Regulation and Cancer 19.14.png
Click to access the figure above and use it to connect cell communication to regulation of the cell cycle and also to compare normal versus cancer cells - just add a discussion of checkpoints, cyclins, cdks, and MPFs to complete the story!

From Genes to Proteins
Transcription Video

Sexual Reproduction & Heredity

Microbial Genetics, Gene Regulation, and DNA Technology

Evolution Because evolution is discussed in multiple chapters of your textbook, the study guide will be especially helpful in organizing your study and in understanding the essential concepts.

Phylogeny, Origins and Diversity of Life

An alien invasion! They hit us hard and fast - leaving before we can see them. Our food is being gobbled up faster than we can grow it! But alas, we have obtained a sample of their vital fluids and found DNA! DNA? Yes, DNA. What on Earth might help us understand what we are dealing with? We analyzed the DNA and found the gene sequence below:
Please. Oh, the humanity... We need to know what these invaders look like - so we can begin to wipe these invaders from the face of the Earth and STOP THE MADNESS!

Origins and Diversity of Life Continued Origins of Prokaryotes (Domains Bacteria and Archaea) and metabolic diversity; Origins of Eukaryotes - Protists and Fungi
Slime Mold Fruiting Body Formation
Meet the Protists

Homeostasis & Systems Part I ----- Part II ----- Part III ----- Part IV
Animal/Human System Summaries

Plants: Beyond Photosynthesis

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